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Like a swiss pocket knife, our application is an easy to use, functional and handy tool seeking to solve many problems about planning, note-taking and calendar use on mobile phones and applications. Our main aim is to successfully integrate calendar use and notes, making our app a tool for people to keep their agenda, like in real life, but of course, more effectively.


  1. Agenda/calendar function, successful integration of note-taking and calendar use.

  2. Password-protected notes, letting you define a password for your notes.

  3. A functional widget, easy access to app and some functions

  4. Easy-access categories/folders sidebar, one-click access from main note screen

  5. Task notes, where you can create task items with check-boxes

  6. No cloud, your data is protected by 128-bit AES encryption

  7. Easy to use calculator note, keep record of your calculations, take notes besides them

  8. One click access to Google Lens application

  9. A separate alarm page for your daily alarms

  10. Ability to merge your notes

  11. Enhanced sorting options

  12. Very effective and powerful search (works also in password-protected notes)

  13. One-time payment, lifetime license to ad-free usage

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